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Weather in Bali

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Bali enjoys a tropical climate thanks to its location just below the equator. You can expect the weather in Bali to be warm and sunny all year round, although there is a ‘rainy’ season which runs between October and March.

From October to March it is very hot and humid, but this can bring bursts of heavy rain. When it does rain it’s not the kind of drizzle you get in Europe, this is rain-drops-the-size-of-tennis-balls kind of rain. However don’t let all the talk of the ‘rainy’ season put you off, Bali can also have long periods of sunshine too during these months.

It would be advisable to bring some sort of raincoat or umbrella if you’re backpacking to Bali during this season. It can be more comfortable to rent a car during the wet season, but if you are getting around the island by bike, it is best to carry around a plastic poncho and watch out for the slippery roads.

During ‘summer’ from March to October, the island experiences dry weather and sunny days so, barring some unfortunate weather, you can expect to be working on your tan on the beach. It may feel a bit cooler at night because there is much less humidity, so if you’re backpacking in Bali during ‘summer’ you may need a cardigan for the evenings.

If you’re wondering what clothes to pack in your backpack for a trip to Bali, people generally wear summer clothes- shorts, Bintang T-shirts, sun dresses, flip flops, sunglasses…the usual summer gear. If you’re worried about feeling cold, pack a sweater just in case.