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Monkey at Uluwatu temple Bali

Uluwatu is located on the southern tip of Bali and the temple is perched high up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Whilst only Hindus can enter the temple itself, most backpackers visit Uluwatu temple to see the many monkeys and the evening Kecak performance at sunset. You can visit the Uluwatu temple at any time of the day- admission is 1,000 Rupiah and you’ll be given a sarong to cover your legs. Be careful of the monkeys, they may look cute, but they will try to steal things like food, handbags sunglasses and hats. The best advice is not to wear any accessories and don’t take food with you!

Uluwatu View of the Surf from the Cliffs

Uluwatu is the place for the best waves in Bali during the summer season when the swell is good. The most popular spot is Pantai Suluban and like Bingin, this is a reef break for skilled surfers. If you climb down the steep cliffs there are several Warungs where you can get a massage and have some fried rice, a milkshake or some banana pancakes. There are also a couple of shops selling surf wear and some places that do ding repairs. You’ll also see a lot of photographers with telephoto lenses taking pictures of the surfers out in the water.

Uluwatu Beach Bali Indonesia

Once you’ve made it down the stairs to the beach you’ll find a shingle beach with cool caves and rock formations. Even though there’s reef and rocks, the beach is nice and sheltered so you won’t get any sand in your face and it’s still perfectly possible to go swimming.

Getting there: Getting to Uluwatu is pretty straightforward. Uluwatu is around and hour and fifteen to an hour and thirty minutes away from Kuta. If you’re heading south on the bypass towards Nusa Dua, you’ll see a sign at the McDonalds to turn right to Uluwatu. Follow the signs all the way to Uluwatu from here.

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