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Top 10 Waterfalls in Bali

Nature has always been one of the things which Bali will always be proud of. Despite the spawning luxury Bali hotels, restaurants and other commercial structures in the island, the wonderful nature it has is steadfastly protected and preserved. In Bali, people are indeed given the rare opportunity to have a close encounter with Mother Nature. Bali is truly an Island of contrasts and it lives up to every part of its reputation a paradise on earth. There are many places to explore within Bali, but almost every tropical Island has a significant water feature and Bali is no exception. . If you are an adventurous type, you would definitely enjoy exploring Bali and discover hidden places for yourself. So here are the top ten breaths taken waterfalls in Bali.
1. Munduk and Melanting Waterfalls
This area comprises of two great waterfalls spot which are Niagara Falls Munduk and Melanting. The falls are a highlight feature of the namesake village of Munduk in Buleleng, North Bali, reachable after a 300m walk from the main road on which trekkers can enjoy soothing nature sights and sounds along a forest route. To arrive here you just walk down the path in between the coffee plantations to arrive in front of the waterfall. In addition to this waterfall there is a simple restaurant, if you’re thirsty or hungry. Splashing water and birdsong are widely available around the falls create an atmosphere of calm and peace, making us feel at home playing the water in Niagara Falls this Munduk.
2. Dusun Kuning Waterfall
Dunsun Kuning waterfall has a height of about 20 meters above the river that flows Tukad soar to the south. Dusun Kuning Waterfall is great place with fresh atmosphere and serenity ambiance that could refresh your mind and soul. This waterfall is situated in the tranquility of Bangli Regency with 25 meters high and the water flows through the river. The water is clean and fresh completed by the peaceful atmosphere that could refill your energy while enjoying the nature beauty.
3. Singsing Waterfall
Singsing waterfall located in the village Singsing Cubeb, Banjar District, or about 2 kilometers from Lovina. Singsing waterfall attraction adjacent to Lovina make much visited by domestic tourists and foreign tourists. And moments are usually the most eagerly awaited by enthusiasts ‘tracking’ when summer arrives where volume waterfall decline.
4. Nungnung Waterfall
This waterfall itself is the name of a village located about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Denpasar. These tourist places located at Badung regency of Bali, at altitude of 900 meters above sea level This area is cool and refreshing. Listen and watch thousand of litres of waters cascading into a beautiful pool. Nungnung Waterfalls also close to the famous bridge “Tukad Bangkung“, the bridge that connects to the Kintamani area.
5. Gitgit Waterfall
Gitgit waterfall is the most famous in Bali. This waterfall is the most visited by tourists during day trips around Bali. Tour guides love this waterfall. Though the most beautiful, it attracts tourist crowds and it’s surely waterfalls a more interesting spot to see.
6. Banyumala Waterfall
This waterfall is located north of Lake Buyan in northcentral Bali. Unlike many trails this is a completely natural trail and rarely hiked trail. Pathways down to the falls have been constructed over the years to ease visitors, with steps carved out of the hard soil and with bamboo railings and ladders in some areas along the route.
7. Blahmantung Waterfall
This is either known as Gitgit waterfall or Aling-ALing waterfall, This waterfall height is approximately 25 meters above the ground that flow from a high cliff in the middle of a plantation that’s far away from the local resident. If you have time to drop by in one of the local restaurants, you can actually order real coffee from the plantation in that area while enjoying the cool and fresh natural countryside atmosphere.
8. Carat Waterfall
Carat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Bali located at the tranquility of Tamblang Village, 30 minutes away from Singaraja Town. Carat waterfall is a great place to visit along your holiday in Bali. The falls are accessible via a path around half a kilometre from the main Singaraja road, comprising rickety bamboo bridges over a small stream and dirt trails through local village coffee and clove plantations.
9. Lemukih Waterfall
Lemukih Waterfalls very unique because it consists of three waterfalls unlike most other waterfalls that there is only one. The falls are located far right is the highest, with a height of about four feet.
10. Sekumpul Waterfall
Here in Sekumpul Waterfall there are at least seven waterfalls that are located separately and apart, you can see from the blank bale. Seven waterfalls scattered in the high cliffs and surrounded by green trees soothes the eye. Seventh waterfall has a shape and a different height. This is absolutely an amazing spot.