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Strayacoin Cryptocurrency growing in Bali


Bali is a melting pot of tourist culture in the little Indonesian party island. With it brings the different ideas and technology from those tourists cultures. It is no surprise then that Strayacoin (Australia’s most fastest growing cryptocurrencies) has already landed on the shores of Bali. At the moment you can pay in Strayacoin to travel around the island with one young Balinese entrepreneur. When asked why he accepted Strayacoin? He responded ‘Australian tourists are the majority of business in Bali, if i can attract more business, the better for me. Australian tourist find me on the map in the strayacoin android wallet. The android app is free and listing your business only costs 200 coins for 12 months, at the moment the price per coin is very cheap but hopefully that will change and many more businesses in Bali will also accept strayacoin and attract more Australians’.

At the moment Strayacoin needs to be exchanged through Bitcoin to fiat currency like Indonesian rupiah. However exchanging strayacoin to rupiahs is not yet on the mind of our young balinese entrepreneur. ‘ I want to hold onto the coins i have, in the future they maybe worth more’. Not a bad standpoint to have, as strayacoin is a minable coin capped at ~25million total supply coins. Being a deflationary asset, could very well speed that along just like Bitcoin has grown.

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