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New Terror threat identified in Bali

27 February 2016

bali terror alert







If you are a tourist in Bali, exercise extreme caution.

Bali’s Anti-Terror squad is on high alert in recent days as intelligence officials have said “Terrorists may be in the ­advanced stages of preparing attacks in Indonesia.’’ The officials later said that this includes all of Indonesia, but in particular tourists should exercise an extra degree of caution in Bali, Lombok and Jakarta.

Tourists are best to avoid places where there is a low level of security present and known terrorist targets, listing previous attack sites such as nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, international hotels, airports, places of worship or any place where foreign tourists seem to congregate in one place.

Police in Indonesia have recently arrested dozens of suspected Islamic extremists on Java island, but it was not clear yet if they are linked to previous attacks in Jakarta.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) have continued to “receive information that indicates that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia, which could take place anywhere at any time”. All travelers to Indonesia, especially the Bali Island should heed warning and exercise extreme caution.


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