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Mob Justice for Thieves in Bali

19 March 2016

Stealing in any country in the world is never a good idea, this has never been more true for the small Indonesian island of Bali. Where just this week a thief in Padang Padang, Uluwatu had been caught by the local Balinese people and beaten in the street for stealing a young French girls handbag. After zooming past the tourist in the street on his scooter and snatching the handbag from her grasp the thief rode off. The local Balinese were drawn to the scene by the screams and cries of the tourist. Unlucky for the thief, who past again on the same road the local Balinese identified the culprit and gave chase. Bringing shame upon local communities in Bali by stealing from tourists is a punishable offense with some good old fashioned street justice.

The mob was only stopped from attacking the young man when the local police arrived to carry the individual away, where he will be charged of theft. The video has gone viral on social media. Drawing mixed reactions from supporters of the street justice to local expats living in Bali condemning the barbaric violence saying that won’t stop the thieves in the country. Thieves on scooters snatching handbags and backpacks from tourists does occur in Bali and Indonesia and not just this small town.

balinese street justice

It is important for tourists to stay vigilant and protect ones valuables at all times. If a traveler does have their possessions stolen then they should report it to the police as soon as possible and try to remember distinguishing features of the thief.


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