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Tailor Shop in Kuta Bali

Some backpackers dismiss Kuta as cheap, tacky and overflowing with Aussie tourists, but like it or not, it should still be part of every backpacking experience to Bali. Kuta has an energetic, chaotic vibe and there is always something to keep you entertained.

Walking through the narrow lanes of Kuta you’ll see bikes whizzing past, hear the sounds of locals shouting “DVD?! Transport?!” and see rows upon rows of stalls selling tourist tat, from T-shirts saying “Jiggy Jig” to fake DVDs and surfwear. Oh…and every other tourist will be wearing a Bintang singlet.

This chaotic town thrives on tourism and in summer is bustling with backpackers who are just fresh off the plane from the airport nearby.

The truth is if you’re backpacking to Bali, Kuta has buzzing nightlife, lots of budget accommodation and is good for meeting other backpackers. If you like to party there’s plenty of chance to explore the hedonist within yourself with big clubs and dozens of bars serving cheap booze. Kuta is in your face, loud and proud, but take it with a pinch of salt and you can appreciate its vibe. Bali’s tourist centre is a place to play bat and ball on the beach by day and let your hair down by night. Whilst Kuta has developed and become a lot more built up in the past few years, there is still evidence of Balinese culture here and there, with its warungs and canang sari flower baskets placed outside the shop fronts.

The chances are, if you need something you can get it in Kuta. You’re surf board needs repair? Kuta. You have a rip in your board shorts? Kuta.

I love Jiggy Jig T Shirt on Kuta Stall in Bali

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  1. eloratour December 1, 2013 at 5:41 am #

    Hai Balibackpacking,

    I used to enjoy Kuta atmosphere in 2006,
    I hope someday Lampung’s beach & town can famous as Kuta & Bali …

    Warm regard

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