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Book Flights to Bali

To find the cheapest fare and book flights to Bali, enter the city you’d like to fly from and your preferred dates below to find cheap flights to Bali, Ngurah Rai or more commonly known as Denpasar International Airport.
Or you might want to fly into Bali via one of the other two international airports on the island which is Soekarno–Hatta International Airport and Juanda International Airport.

Booking ahead of time often gives a discounted rate to the traveler, so try to forecast and plan ahead as far as you can to give you the cheapest flight possible to Bali. Having said that there are some rare occasions where you can pick up last minute flights at cheap prices because of increased supply of tickets either through cancellations or the airline has boosted services to your destination.
When booking flights to Bali, beware of the active volcano Mount Raung as it often sends large ash clouds into the sky and when it does all air traffic is restricted including the temporary closure of Denpasar International airport.