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Bingin beach and surf spot in Bali Indonesia

Whilst the spots down in the south of the island are less visited by tourists, they are still well known by anybody with a keen interest in surfing. Bingin is a great surf spot for skilled surfers, offering a reef break which can get extremely crowded during high season (June-September) when the swell is good. When you arrive in the car park at the top of the cliff you have to walk down a few gangs and dirt paths before climbing down the steep steps in the cliff to the beach.

Many surfers and backpackers choose to stay in one of the homestays or guest houses perched in the cliffs, offering a direct view of the waves. The locals are used to catering for surfers in the warungs attached to their accommodation, cooking Nasi Goreng and whipping up banana milkshakes for hungry surfers who’ve just come in from the surf.

Bingin Beach Bali

There’s plenty of budget beach-shack style accommodation in Bingin- if you stay down on the beach you can pay as low as 30,000 Rupiah a night to stay here. Generally the higher up the cliff you stay, the more expensive it tends to get and there are some nicer more luxurious bungalows, houses and guest houses at the top. One of the advantages of sleeping in a shack on the beach is you wont have to walk back up the steep steps at night when the sun has set and you can’t see a thing!

If you’re backpacking to Bali, Bingin has a laid-back vibe and you’re likely to make friends with other backpackers and surfers here. As with most surf spots in Bali, you’ll find the majority of backpackers are Aussies.  Food and drink is much cheaper down on the beach in Bingin, with a Bintang setting you back about 10,000 Rupiah ($1). Don’t miss the fish BBQ on the beach either, the freshly caught calimari is the best and much better than the seafood offered in Jimbaran.

Getting there: Bingin is located in the bell-shaped bit at the bottom of the island on the western coast of the Bukit Peninsula. It is situated between Dreamland and Impossibles.  Presuming you’re coming from the north, if you’re on the bypass heading out of Kuta towards Jimbaran and Nusa Dua you will eventually see a sign near the McDonalds directing you to turn right towards Uluwatu. Keep heading towards Uluwatu and follow the road up and over the hill. There is no actual sign for Bingin but you will eventually turn right at the village of Pecatu. Keep following this road and you will see Star Deli on your right. Turn right here at Star Deli and follow the dirt track until you get to a gate. There is usually a Balinese lady or man who will open the gate once you pay her 5,000 Rupiah and you can park your car or bike in the car park.

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